The Right Color for the Right Room

Paint color trends are ever-changing and because new shades of staple colors are being introduced so frequently, it seems difficult to know which color to commit to!  While there will always be new paint colors, you can focus on what the right color is for your room and for what you want that room to represent.  You don’t always have to pick a bold or bright color, but feel free to try it if it’s the right fit for you!  Neutrals aren’t all boring and when accented the right way, they are stunning and gorgeous!  Keep reading for some ideas and inspiration for painting your room just the right color.

Soothing & Subtle

If you need a room that is calming, consider colors that come from the gray family.  The great thing about gray is that several other colors can be mixed in for a subtle touch of green, blue, yellow, or whatever tone you’d like.  Gray allows light to fill the room even more and as the light changes from outside, the tone of gray will also change!  Gray is also easily complemented by almost any design, pattern or color, which makes it quite easy to decorate with complementary furniture and accessories.

In the image above, light green-gray walls provide the perfect backdrop for the touches of black throughout the space, creating a beautiful and complete space in which you could easily relax.  When deciding where to use a more neutral and calming color, think about where you want to relax the most when you are at home.  The most likely rooms for using a tranquil color would be your bedroom, bathroom, and even a sitting area.  Another room that might benefit from a subtle color is the kitchen, since the light color will create a more open space.

Deep & Dramatic

If you’ve been leaning towards going bold with your paint colors, then maybe try with just one room first.  A deep color can be overwhelming if it’s not the right shade and isn’t balanced out by the decor and furniture in the rest of the room.  Consider a dark crimson red, which can be quite a bold choice, for your dining area and complement it with a white ceiling, trim, and accent pieces.  If it’s the right shade, it will make this space dramatic, as well as warm and inviting.

Another idea for a dramatic color is a deep grayish black, which can be soothing and also create an elegant space.  If you have an office space or an extra room that needs a little “oomph,” try a color like the one in the image above!  Without overpowering the room the gray-black allows the furniture and decor to take center stage and creates a cozy room you could definitely work in.  If it feels dark at first, follow the example in the photo and lighten it up with neutral curtains and wall art.

Whatever you need from your space, let colors help you do the job!  If you’d like more ideas or to see some inspiration, make sure to stop by our showroom and let us help you!  What mood do you want to create in your home?