The Eclectic

Creating a space that has an eclectic feel requires both courage and the right combination of design elements.  Often, you need to establish what your end goal is before you begin picking out individual pieces for your room, so that you can maintain a look that is interesting and beautiful.   Below are a few examples of some kitchens, from House Beautiful, that infuse just enough eclectic design with traditional elements.

Points of Interest

This kitchen maintains a timeless look by keeping the colors soft and simple, while the chandelier and servers on each side of the sink add a unique and whimsical feel to the space.  Instead of adding too many detailed pieces to the mix, the designer chose specific items that fit the goal of an antique European feel.  If you want to create a similar environment, try to showcase your main focal points and then select more neutral cabinets and flooring.  What is your favorite part of this kitchen?

Wow Factor

Another kitchen that takes the cake with its charm is found in this Victorian-inspired home.  The designer chose to keep the color palette neutral, which allows for those beautiful chandeliers to really take the spotlight.  While a chandelier might seem too “dressy” for a kitchen, this designer demonstrates that a kitchen is the perfect place to add some sparkle and elegance.  The marble countertops not only add to the refined feel of this kitchen, but they also complement the wooden floors and showcase the classic cabinetry.  If you choose to use a significant piece, make sure to maintain some simplicity throughout the rest of the area.  What do you think about using chandeliers in the kitchen?

What can you add to your kitchen to make it stand out?  Do you dare go eclectic?  Let us know what your ideas are for making your space unique!