Summer Vacation Essentials

If you are planning to get out of town for summer, there are a few things to make sure you check before leaving your home on its own!  HGTV Magazine offers great tips in this month’s “Help Wanted” section and you can check out the full article here!  While you may already practice some of these tips there are a few you may not have thought of before, so enjoy!

Security First!

Regardless of the length of your trip, there are a few precautions you might consider taking to keep your home and what’s inside safe!  Longer trips require more preparation and planning for the safeguarding of your home, but it will be worth it when you come home to the house just as you left it.

  • Don’t announce your trip online or post pictures until after you return from vacation (through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) because it will minimize the chance of someone knowing that your house is vacant.
  • Check your window and door locks to ensure that they work properly and can’t be easily broken into.
  • Take those hidden keys inside!  If you need someone to stop by the house, give them a spare key instead of leaving it around your house somewhere.
  • If you get newspapers or mail delivered, sign up to have it held to avoid potential burglars seeing that you aren’t collecting your daily deliveries.
  • If you have an alarm, make sure to let your security company know the days you’ll be gone and also give a family member or trusted neighbor the code to your alarm, in case of an emergency.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some little tasks that can keep your home fresh and in order for when you return.  Again, some of these will be more useful if you are taking a longer trip but it won’t hurt to use them for even a weekend getaway!

  • Keep your AC going!  While you may not need to keep it as cool as when you are home, running the AC while you are away will prevent mold or mildew from growing in a house that is too warm.  A temperature that will keep things just right is 82 degrees.
  • Keep your house lit!  Again, while it may sound like a waste of energy, it’s important to maintain the illusion that you are at home, which will disinterest anyone interested in breaking into vacant homes.  Don’t worry about keeping the lights on all day, just buy a timer that you can connect some lamps to and set it to go on at dusk and turn off in the early morning.
  • Small appliances can be unplugged to avoid a power surge.
  • Flush toilets and leave the lids open, which will illuminate any issues with stagnant water.

Summer should be a time to relax and enjoy and you want to have peace of mind when leaving for vacation!  For more ideas to keep your home safe and sound for summer, check out the rest of HGTV’s article here.  How do you prepare your house for a vacation?  Share your tips below!