Summer Cleaning Made Simple

Spring cleaning isn’t the only time to keep your house at its best and with summer on the way, there are a number of ways to prep your home for the warm months ahead.  We are sharing some tips we found from HGTV’s “Help Around the Home” and are excited to try out some of these tricks in our own home!

Kitchen Care

Since warm weather can make odors more prominent, it’s important to take a few steps in the kitchen to cut down on smells coming from the trash.  For example, when you change the liner in your trashcan, spray some antibacterial solution to cut down on the germs and the smell.  Also, putting a used dryer sheet at the bottom of the can will help absorb and reduce any odors from the trash as well.

The freezer is one of those places in the kitchen that you don’t pay much attention to, but it is important to clean it out a couple times a year.  The warm months of summer provide the perfect opportunity to defrost your freezer and clean out any food that is older than six months.  If you want to use an easy cleaning solution from products you have at home, use vinegar and water to clean the freezer and then a mixture of baking soda and water to deodorize the space.

Outdoor Living

Whether you have a large garden or just a few potted plants, mulch can make a huge difference.  Now’s the time to add a layer of mulch to your plants and keep the moisture in the soil.  Mulch can also maintain your garden by keeping out the weeds and protecting the soil.  One tip for adding mulch is to leave a little breathing room at the base of the plants, which will ensure that the plants don’t rot from moisture being trapped.

Decks may not need constant attention but it is good to make sure that they are in good shape once or twice a year.  Though decks are built to withstand the outdoors, they still need some cleaning every so often.  A pressure washer provides the force you need to get in the cracks and crevices of the wood and this tool can easily be rented from local home improvement stores.  If you are handy, make sure that all loose nails are taken care of and split wood get repaired.  An extra step that you might take every few years is to apply a coat of stain and sealant to keep your deck looking its best!

How do you prepare for summer?  Share some tips and tricks of your own below because we’d love to hear from you!