How To…Love Your Living Room

Your living room serves many purposes, from entertaining to relaxing, so it is important to make your living room a place that both meets your needs and pleases the eye.  Since every living room is different, there’s not just one way to arrange things and decorate the space.  We’re offering some quick tips (thanks to Better Homes & Gardens) for making your living room a place you’ll love to spend time in, so consider what your living room layout allows for and also how to infuse your personal style into this space!  Read the rest of the ideas from Better Homes & Gardens here.

Arrange & Decorate

To create the feeling of more space, place chairs and couches near each other and away from the walls. If you have a small space to work with, consider finding furniture that is more open, such as a coffee table that is open and airy instead of a solid piece of wood.  If you’re decorating a new space or wanting to start fresh, it’s a good idea to start with the basics and get neutral pieces and then add in more interesting and eye-catching pieces. If you prefer neutral colors in your living room, use accessories or pieces that make a statement, such as a large wall hanging or a few sculptures.  It’s like putting an outfit together – you need some accessories here and there to make it complete!

Colors! Colors!

If you’d like to bring two living rooms together, try doing it by connecting a color palette.  Use the accent color from one room as the dominant color in the second room.  For example, if you have dark blue as your dominant color in one space, bring in some dark blue in an area rug, some accessories, and a pillow or two.  If you have blank white walls, ceilings and even floors, and don’t want to add a new paint color into the space, consider adding some contrast with brightly colored curtains!  Incorporate a pattern if you can, such as in a rug or in your curtains, or for a fun touch you can use an animal print pattern in  couch pillows or upholstered furniture, but keep the color neutral to keep it classy.

The wonderful thing about the living room is that it can constantly change with you over time and you can keep the base elements, like the furniture and flooring, while some of the other details are fine-tuned!  If you are looking for some more ideas about creating a space that you can truly live in and love, feel free to stop by our showroom!  We’ve got you covered from window coverings to area rugs, designer tips to décor, so let your living room become all that it was meant to be!