bedroom decorated with blue accents

House of Blues

The emotional benefits of decorating with the color blue

Whether you’re selecting the main color or the accent color, deciding the perfect interior color for your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Before long you’re buried in a mountain of paint samples, color fans and photos you’ve ripped from every interior design magazine ever published. You call your best friend for help. Do you go with your favorite color of burnt orange? Or last year’s “hot trend”? Making that decision may be easier than you think. Learning a little about color, and the emotions it communicates may cause you to seriously consider blue to be your new BCF (best color forever)!

Moody blues

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades in a blue bedroom

Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades

Maybe the color blue conjures up memories of your childhood powder-blue bedroom. There is a reason parents select this color, as it naturally elicits feelings of calm, quiet and peacefulness – An excellent antidote for an energetic child. Now as an adult, you may feel over-extended from your uber-busy Southern California lifestyle with work, traffic and your own children.  Blue could be the perfect remedy after a long day. Light blues are said to lower body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.

Blue is associated with simplicity, truth, purity and dignity. It also has the added the design benefits of making the room appear more expansive like the ocean, or the sky.  All these qualities make the color blue perfect for your bedroom or yoga room. However steer clear of blue-grays, as they can cause feelings of impending turbulence, like an oncoming storm.

Bright blue – try a shade!

Hunter Douglas Duette Cordless Sidelight Shades in an entryway sidelight

Hunter Douglas Duette Cordless Sidelight Shades in an entryway sidelight

If you desire a more energetic, high-spirited environment don’t disregard blue just yet. Bright blue depicts vibrancy and exhilaration without the agitation and intensity of orange or red. For this reason shades in the bright blue range are a perfect interior design choice for an entry or living room. It can also be used to spice up a lackluster kitchen.

If the thought of electric blue as your main palette is a tad more excitement than you had in mind, decorate with bright blue accent pieces instead. This will provide the same delightful effect.

California Blue Blood

To create a room that depicts strength, tradition and refinement use a blue in the deep-blue category. This shade of blue also helps clarify thoughts, and aids in concentration, which make it excellent for a library, reading alcove, home office, or home theater.

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Window Shadings in sunny room

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Window Shadings

Deep blue shades depict strength, tradition and refinement.

Fresh, clean nautical interior design themes are not just reserved for homes with ocean views.  If that’s what you’ve always wanted, go for it. It doesn’t matter if you live in Long Beach or inland Orange County; beautiful, harmonious ocean-inspired décor can easily be achieved by a palette of deep-blue.

Proper color selection is a crucial element in interior design. From ice blue to indigo, blue is very cool in more ways than one. Only a few of its positive emotional attributes are stated here, but possibly enough to get you in the mood for blue.