Colors, Colors, Everywhere!

What emotions do you have when you hear the names of these paint colors: Delicacy, Stillwater, Fresh Pink Lemonade, Inspired? These sound like very refreshing colors that could make a big change in the feel of your home. In House Beautiful magazine, Christine Pittel highlighted some colors of paint that “has the power to heal your spirit: It can be soothing, healing, and make you feel reborn.” Rather than picking an off-white paint for your walls, take a look at some colors that can inspire you, within your comfort zone, of course!

Nicely Neutral

When we want to remain neutral with our colors, we can still add a little hint of color to our rooms. For example, we can use a color like the soft pink above to bring in some warmth to the room. The blue could be used to create a calm environment with a cottage feel or the green could invite a natural feel, hinting at the color of soft leaves. What is wonderful about all these colors is that they can be the main color of your room or accent colors that you bring in through little design details! Look at how these two rooms use these soothing colors!

Gray Goodness

Now, if you aren’t sure what color you would use or wouldn’t want to commit completely to a color other than white, we have another option for you! The neutral that will bring a little more depth into your room, but won’t commit you to a specific color palette, is good ‘ol gray! Here are a few shades that House Beautiful found from Sherwin-Williams’ collection, Sensible Hue and Aloof Gray. You can select one shade of gray to use or more than one, to achieve a little variation on your walls. Also, gray is wonderful because it comes in shades, ranging from a little touch of green to a pinch of blue, based on the other colors of the room. See what gray can do for you!

So, know that there are options out there besides the traditional white paint and you don’t have to comprise for a color that is outside your comfort zone! We’d love to help you make your home relaxing and inviting and that starts with a paint color that works for you and complements your style. Contact us today and find the right fit for your walls today!