Bathroom Beauty

One of the growing trends in home design and remodeling is the importance of having an amazing bathroom.  Besides having a functional design and layout, there is also a developing need for the bathroom to be a retreat, haven, and oasis.  So, we want to share how you can turn your bathroom into that place of peace and we’ll start with the flooring.  When you see the different flooring options you have, you will see why this is an important step in creating bathroom beauty!

Timeless Tile

Whether you have an intricate bathroom that needs a neutral floor or if you prefer a more traditional look that is still stunning, these classic examples are what you need!  If you need to make a small space feel bigger, select a tile design that is standard and stays within a neutral palette.

Traditional tile can also play off the palette and design of the rest of your bathroom.  For example, the floor tiles in the bathroom below incorporate the grays and dark tones of the cabinetry and backsplash and still retain a classic look that will last.

Amazing Alternatives

If you are looking for something more intricate or non-traditional, consider the alternatives available to you!  Concrete flooring can provide an open feeling to your space and not distract from the design and decor of the rest of the space.  You can customize this look to your liking by determining the stain, pattern, color and size of the tile.

For a unique look that incorporates a natural element, try pebble stone flooring to create a bathroom like no other!  Pebble stone can be the focal point of the space or you can complement other design elements of the room, depending on the color, type, and size of stone you choose.  If you want a special look that incorporates non-standard tile choices, consider these alternative options that can help you create that place of rest you deserve!

 Your bathroom is place where function and style should both be found and the flooring you choose can reflect both your needs and wants.  Stop by our showroom to see our samples and find out what else you can do for your bathroom!  Whether you need tile that complements or creates a design element in your bathroom or if you want a floor that is neutral and keeps a clean and classic look, take time to select the tile that will make your bathroom a place that you love and can relax in.  Which tile option would you choose?