All About the Home…

When you think about remodeling or updating any part of your house, it can feel like an overwhelming task!  At Aegean Designing Whims, we want to make that process smooth and simple, so we’ve answered some of the important questions you might have about two key elements in your home: The Kitchen and Window Coverings.  This article was published in the Orange County Breeze August 2012 issue and we are excited to share it with you!  Aegean Designing Whims is here to help and we’ve got great solutions and great products, like our Hunter Douglas shutters, shades, and blinds, which will make a dramatic change in your home!  Come by our showroom and see what we can do for you!!


When it comes to doing work around your home, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  The size of the project can be overwhelming…so like with anything you set out to accomplish, starting at the beginning is best.

Q. My kitchen needs updating, but what are my options?

A.  Some kitchens only need a facelift.  If you like your layout, and your cabinets are in good shape, refacing may be an option for you.  You can keep your existing countertop, and you get to select a new style of doors, and a new species of wood…and you have the option of stained or painted cabinets.  Replacing hardware finishes off the project.  Refacing is the easiest of kitchen remodeling to do, is the most cost effective, and there’s very little downtime.


Q. What are my options if I decide to replace everything: cabinets, counters and lighting?

A.  If you’re happy with your layout and how your kitchen works for you, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Are you replacing your appliances?”  You need to decide that and know what the specifications are before any actual design can start.  Once you have that information, you need to select your door style and wood species.  Do you want Cherry cabinets?  Painted?  Flat doors?  Framed doors?  All these decisions will help you determine which cabinet company fits your needs best.

Q. How do I know whether I should use a full service contractor or act as my own contractor and do the job myself?

A.  Great question.  Only you can decide how you want the project to run.  Are you a shopper?  Do you want to buy everything separately?  Are you well organized?  Do you have the time it takes to work on a remodel?  Do you think you’ll save money by acting as ” your own general?”  Or, are you more interested in having someone supervise the project, or providing you “turnkey” service.  Would you like to pay a fair price yet find everything you need in as few places as possible?  Would you like someone to help you along the way?  Would you like to work with one or two people, instead of 6-8?  Only you can decide how you want your project to run.  Sometimes the bottom line is the same when you compare time, aggravation and money spent, if you work with a full service contractor.

Window Coverings…

When it comes to updating your window coverings, you also have to ask yourself a couple of questions about your lifestyle.  Are you casual?  Formal?  Contemporary?  Traditional?  Hopefully some of these questions and answers work for you.

Q.  I’m not sure what kind of blind to use.  How do I decide?

A.  Start by asking yourself what you’d like to accomplish.  Do you need privacy?  Do you have direct sunlight coming into some rooms?  Do you need room darkening so you or others can sleep?  Would you like some light to filter through?  Will you keep your blinds or shades down all the time?  And most important, do you want your window coverings to open up completely exposing your windows, or to open just so you can see out?  Those are a lot of things about, but once you can decide what’s important, then you can look at the options available.

Shutters can be tilted for view or can be closed for privacy.  If you aren’t sensitive to the light filtering through the vanes when they’re closed, shutters are still one of the most popular window treatments today.  Silhouettes and Pirouettes are soft shades that can be left down, but tilted open letting you see out and also have a sheer fabric which allows sunlight protection.  Room darkening fabrics are available.

Vignettes and Duettes (honeycomb) soft shades, can be left down allowing daylight to filter into your room during the day, and offer complete privacy at night.  They also come with a room darkening fabric option.  Lastly, woven woods are very popular.  When you line them your room will be darker, but you’ll be able to see the wood fabric better than when woven woods are unlined, since light filters through and distorts the colors of the actual wood.  Woven woods have to be raised and lowered to see out.

This is a lot of information, but it really sums up what’s available.  Whichever type of blind or shade you use, remember all windows should be “dressed” to help conserve energy, to allow for more privacy and best yet, to finish off your room!