Add a Special Touch to Your Home

Your home reflects your personality, your interests, your style, and so much more!  As time goes on, your tastes and your decor may change or transform as you try out new color schemes, patterns you love, or styles you’ve always admired.  If you are looking to add something new to your home without a huge commitment, try some of these ideas for unique decor that can be tailored to your style without breaking the bank!

Glass Vases

Besides flowers, what can you use glass vases for?  There are so many options and if you find vases of all shapes and sizes, you can fill your home with this super simple decoration that will be one-of-a-kind. If you want a beachy feel, try adding sea glass to a tall cylinder vase.  Or for a little something in your kitchen or eating area, add some fruit to a vase.  For a real pop of color, use limes, lemons, and oranges for a summery feel!  Again, another kitchen idea is to display individually wrapped tea bags in short glass vases for each flavor, which makes them accessible and adds a cute homey touch to your counter.

Wall Art

Display art creatively by hanging evenly spaced clipboards on a wall, which makes it easy to change out the art on each clipboard!  This might be a fun idea to try in a den or office or a kid’s playroom. Look for prints that have a similar theme or style and play around with the possibilities!   Another idea for wall art is to find old and unique frames and hang these on a wall without anything inside them! When you hang several frames together, it’s a really great statement piece that doesn’t overwhelm the eye.  Find different shapes and sizes (and even color) of frames to make the look a little more eclectic!

Fun Details

A few other ideas you can try in your home are quite simple once you find the right piece!  If you like a little country or cabin feel, consider making a branch towel bar in your bathroom.  Birch branches are great for this sort of thing and it just requires a little sawing and sanding!  If you like a rustic feel, find an old rake and hang anything from tools to keys or pots and pans on the teeth of the rake.  Think about how older antique items can be repurposed to add charm to a space!

Find an area of your home where you could add a little touch of charm, country, eclectic, or whatever style suits your tastes best!  The great thing about all these ideas is that they can be customized to the colors of each space in your home.  What little touch of design do you think you’ll add this week?