7 Ways to Add Charm to Your New Home: Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of our article about adding character to your home!  Last week, Part 1 covered the first 3 elements that will instill a little charm into a newer home: adding wood floors, replacing  doors, casings and wood trim, and adding crown mouldings.  This week, we will share the last 4 tips that can transform your home from cookie-cutter to unique!

French Doors

These beautiful doors will definitely add charm to any room. They too require thinking ahead when it comes to window treatments, as you’ll need to decide if you’ll treat the door itself, or have a treatment that can be pulled back to allow you to really use the doors. Also, wood windows and doors are sometimes easier to attach a treatment to than vinyl, which might have a hollow core.

If you’re thinking about replacing aluminum or wood with vinyl, definitely ask questions about adding window treatments before you make the change. You’ll be much happier knowing up front what your options are.

Adding Wainscoting

Older homes have a lot of raised panel wood wainscoting, which is more formal and more expensive than beadboard paneling, which lends itself to a lighter look. If you’re looking for an authentic traditional look, you might be disappointed if you “settle” for a more mass produced product.

Another more affordable way to add character to your walls would be to add chair rail moulding, which can be painted in a contrasting color than your walls.

Be careful that you select the best moulding sizes for your room; not to large and not too small.

Updating Your Fireplace

Fireplaces have always played an important part of rooms that have charm, most likely their focal point. Wonderful old fireplaces generally have stone, marble or even tile fronts plus lots of wood trim. Mantles and sides can come in numerous combinations; mantles that are multi-layered or tiered so the top can be deep enough to accessorize, sides or legs that are full or half columns, or fluted with rosettes, medallions or corbels as accents. Also, unless the wood was oak or mahogany, most wood was painted.

One way to update a tired or dated fireplace is to remodel the front by either drywalling over brick or stone, or just replacing the marble and adding a mantle and legs.

And finally (and most expensive) is…

Replacing your Staircase

Older homes, especially those with Spanish architecture had decorative wrought iron balustrades or posts and either wood or iron railings. More traditional homes depending on their architecture have wood stairs with a carpet runner (which is safer than just having solid exposed wood), wood painted balustrades and stained wood hand rails.

If you’re thinking about replacing or updating your staircase, it will definitely make a big difference in adding charm and character to your home, and it should be done before you replace your flooring.

Adding wood creates more charm and character and can definitely make all the difference in how you feel about your house.  We hope you enjoyed these 7 ways for bringing character into your home!  Now, comment below and let us know how you would like to add charm to truly make your house a home!