4 Ways to Wake Up Your Home

We can all agree that sometimes our homes lose their luster over the years in little ways.  We get used to seeing the same furniture and decor, tarnish takes over anything with shine, and we do little about it because it would cost too much money to update everything.  However, there are some wonderful solutions for this dilemma and the cost is affordable if you are willing to supply a little time!  In the January issue of Southern Living, several tips and tricks are offered so that you can “Refresh Your Nest” without going into debt!

Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

If you have wood furniture that has been around for awhile, there are probably a lot of scratches, dents, and scuff marks that are visible.  Instead of buying new furniture, use furniture repair sticks to make your chairs, tables, or any other wood products look new again!  Since there are plenty of wood colors and tones to choose from, you can make the perfect match for any furniture needing touch-up.

On the subject of furniture, do you have any older chairs with worn out seats or upholstery?  Instead of replacing these chairs just yet, try adding a seat cover to create an updated look!  Depending on the type of chair you have, figure out what size cover you will need and then look for the type of fabric and pattern you’d like.  If you have chairs that are 22″ x 22″, check out this website to find more chair covers like the one in the image below!

Show Your Style

Are your curtain rods blending into the walls?  Bring a pop of color or a little shine to your curtains by adding new curtain finials to the rods.  Your options are limitless with this decorative touch because you have choice of color and style!  If you want to play off some bright colors in your room or make a bold statement, curtain finials are a great way to bring in that extra something special without going overboard (or over budget)!

Lamps can go unnoticed most of the time with a standard shade to hide behind.  Why not make your lamp look like new with a patterned or brightly-colored shade?  Your tastes and preferences may have changed, so show off your style in the little details!  A lamp is also a great place to experiment with different shade styles, textures, colors, and designs – so you are sure to add a little extra pizazz to your room!

Every so often your home will need a little updating, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend tons of money to change the decor or buy new furniture.  As you look around your home, look for the little areas that you can change and use these tips to make a big difference in each room!  For the bigger projects that have to be done, such as kitchen remodeling or floor installationAegean Designing Whims is always here and is always ready to help!  If there is a project your home is in great need of, stop by our showroom or call us for a free in-home consultation with one of our great designers to find out how we can help!