3 Tips and Tricks to Tidy Up

This week, we are taking a little detour from home design to highlight some of the ways that you can de-clutter your home with creative alternatives. We all can admit that we have more stuff than we probably need, so here’s the big question: How can we organize our clutter in a way that is pleasing to the eye? We’ve got some great ideas from HGTV’s magazine article, Stylish Storage Solutions. By using items that you already have or finding a unique piece at a store or a garage sale, you can create decor out of your clutter!

Letter Carrier

With so much mail that comes at us these days, it is important to have one place to keep it all! However, just throwing it on the table isn’t the cutest or most innovative way to do this. Anything that can hang on a wall, which can hold something, is a great starting place. Since we’ve mentioned that vintage is in, try finding an antique piece that can double as decor. One unique idea is this vintage dustpan that was found on eBay, which adds a timeless touch but also provides that place for all your mail to go!

Wood Crates

Since the vintage look is in style, wood crates are a great way to infuse that timeless look and provide additional storage space for all sorts of items. Wood crates are great because they can be customized to your taste by selecting the wood, the finish, the age, the size, etc. You can often find wood crates for free from wine shops, at garage sales, or thrift stores. Stack your crates to provide more storage space for your cleaning supplies, towels, books, etc.

Decorative Jar

Raise your hand if your cooking utensils drawer is overflowing!! Now that we admit that we have to clear up some space, where are we going to store all the spatulas and whisks?  Try adding a little flair to your kitchen counter by finding a beautiful jar that has decor to complement your kitchen space.  This little trick is a great one because jars are everywhere and you can find a specific design that goes beyond the basic utensil holder that does little to impress.  See how this ginger jar adds a little something extra to the mix!
Sometimes it just takes a little thought and creativity to clear the clutter away in your home and we hope that these tips inspire you to make your home even more inviting!  Let us know what ways you’ve been able to clear your clutter and turn it into a design element in your home!  We’d love to hear from you!!