Dress Up Your Windows for the New Year!

In less than a week the new year will be here and you may be ready for some new changes to your home!  Over the past few months, we’ve focused our blog posts on some of the different changes you can make in your home, such as new paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, and other decorating details.  Another change you might consider for your home is installing new window coverings that will both improve the look of any room and increase your energy savings.  At our showroom, we carry a variety of Hunter Douglas window coverings that will fit your needs …

How To…Add a Splash of Color

When making changes in your home, selecting new colors can be one of the most dramatic and difficult decisions you have to make.  Color can change not only the look of a room, but also the feeling you get when you walk into the space.  Color reflects your personality and interests, so you want it to be done correctly.  Color can be subtle or it can be vibrant; color can be one statement wall or it can be found throughout an entire room or home.  As we move into a new year, what colors do you want to keep and …

Holiday Home Tour

On half of your colleagues in the Rossmoor Woman’s Club, I want to thank you for all of your contributions to the 2012 Holiday Home Tour. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your purchasing a full-page ad in the Home Tour ticket booklet, selling a huge number of tickets for us at Aegean Designing Whims and hosting a boutique with special vendors at your store on the day of the sale. Your contributions to this success were huge. Thank you so much, RWC President

Wonderful Window Seats

Take a moment to think about your home and the amount of storage space you have available.  Is there any extra space or are you filled to the brim?  Do you sometimes wish you could have a little more space without sacrificing areas in your home that are already being used?  Why not make your home multitask for you by creatively using existing spaces in more than one way?  We love the great tips that This Old House Magazine gave in their September issue, describing the benefits of adding in window seats or built-ins throughout your home.  Let’s take a …

Help for Families in Crisis

On behalf of the Hotline Board of Directors, we thank you very much for sponsoring our fundraiser. It was a very successful evening for us! We made over $2,500 with a lot less work than any other fundraiser we’ve done. The is fundraiser will help us to continue to provide help for families and individuals in crisis. Once more on behalf of Hotline’s volunteer Board of Directors, Listeners and staff, “Thank you!”.

The Essentials: 5 Holiday Helpers

We’ve reached the month of December and have started the countdown to the end of 2012.  As you prepare for having friends and family over for the holidays,  we hope this post will give you some easy ideas that will make your decorating and giving a little easier!  Many of the following ideas can be used in your home as well as part of gifts to your friends.  If you want to get a little crafty without getting too involved in big DIY projects, the following ideas are perfect for you! Oh-So-Amazing Ornaments Many people love to add a new …

Rossmoor Woman’s Club Event

We had the Holiday Home Tour Boutique Sunday and it was a great success. A portion of sales were donated back to the Rossmoor Woman’s Club.