Flooring Flashback

When we think of how home design has changed over the years, it is easy to focus on the kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances.  We quickly think of the granite, exotic woods or stainless steel as the “must-haves” in our homes.  All these changes can overshadow one of the most important developments: the floors that we walk across every day. In the Floor Focus Magazine July 2012 issue, Maurie O’Neill wrote the article, “Design Trends: Then & Now”, which takes a look at how flooring has drastically changed over the last couple decades.  (You can find the text of O’Neill’s …

Making a Difference

Dear Christine and Tamara, Thank you so muh for opening up Designing Whims for our SKWD Fundraiser. The evening was a huge success for us and wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity. Everyonw had so much fun and the evening was wonderful! Thank you again for making a difference in the life of a a Diabetic. SKWD, Supporting Kids with Diabetes

How to Bring Fall into Your Home

We are finally in the fall season and that means Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner!  The coming of fall brings the opportunity for festive decorations, delicious recipes, and crafts that can spice up your dinner parties!  Today we’re sharing some of our favorite fall finds to inspire you as you begin prepping for the season. Delightful Decor Sometimes you can add fall colors throughout your home by just changing some of the pillows on your couches, floor rugs, or even some of the decor on your walls and shelves.  If you want some variety in the colors …

Christian Outreach in Action

Thank you very much for your generous donation to the COA Waves of Change event… Our silent and live auctions were outstanding in quality and variety. your part in this accomplishment is appreciated by all of us at COA and on the event committee. Sincerely, Dixie Dohrmann and Diane Donaldson

Waves of Change

Thank you very much for attending the COA Wave of Change fundraiser held on Friday, Sep 28, 2012. The success of this event will help strengthen our outreach to many women, children and men in this community… we raised over $50,000 for our great cause.

Aging and Design

As much as we Baby Boomers hate to admit it, we’ve become our parents age. We’re senior citizens and I for one swear I’m not old enough to be this age! But what I am admitting is that I’m beginning to understand how my older parents feel when they sit too long or have to climb stairs, which factors into our remodeling plans for a home they are purchasing in order to “down size”. The older we get, the more we need our homes to be safe and easy to navigate. We need less “doodads” (my parents now have three …

Knowing Your Options

When you begin to think about updates you want to make in your home or little details that you’d like to change, it can be overwhelming to think of what choices you will make and where you will start.  With the abundance of home design shows, decorating websites, and pictures of homes with every style and color scheme you could ever dream of…you need to know your options!  If you know what you want in your home, you may need help selecting the right details to achieve that style.  If you aren’t sure what you want, it may help to …