2 Easy DIY Summer Projects

Summer is always a great time to get things done, so here are a few ideas for projects that you could do over a weekend or even in one night, if you’re feeling ambitious!  Though some DIY work requires a little know-how, much of it can be easily figured out once you start experimenting with everything.  Give these projects a try and add a little something fresh and new to your home, while you receive the sense of accomplishment that comes along with doing it yourself!

Make An Entrance

We all know that the first few steps into a home create an impression, whether it’s for you or for your guests.  Try the following if you have been wanting to create an entryway that says, “Wow!”  Storage can be a great addition to an entrance because it is both useful and can be beautifully done as well.  Storage can be as simple as a table with decorative baskets beneath or coat hangers on the wall and a slim table with a few drawers for keys, sunglasses, and all those other knickknacks we need to take with us.

If you have some old furniture in the garage or find something inexpensive you could repurpose, try turning that piece into an amazing storage unit for your entryway.  We love how the table above was turned into the perfect place to keep all those goodies hidden away!  If you have the space and if you’d like to take on a more involved project for entryway storage, take an old dresser and turn it into a bench with storage.  With a little woodwork, sanding, paint and a nice bench cushion, you’ve got a multipurpose piece of furniture that will definitely amaze any who walk in the front door!

Make A Statement

Even if you prefer neutral tones in your home, there is always room to make a statement with the right color and the right pattern.  Whether it’s the outside of your home or the inside, add a little flair to a space by adding a dash of color or a bold print somewhere!  If you’re front door is looking “gently loved,” it might be time for a refresh, which just requires some new paint and hardware.  Research and get some ideas of which color could complement the color of your house but won’t overpower or contradict it – and then go for it!  While you’re at it, try sprucing up your walkway and porch with some new plants or additional lighting.  You don’t need to add a lot because just a little touch will go a long way!

Look for areas inside your home that could use a little livening up – maybe a hallway, an office space, or even your living room.  Think of ways you could add a new color that accents the space, for example, get a few new pillows that brighten up the couch or find an interesting print or pattern you like and frame it on the wall.  Again, just a little bit here and there will refresh your home and may just inspire your creative side!

What summer project do you think you can squeeze in before fall gets here?  We’d love to hear and see what you’re working on!  Comment below and even include a snapshot of a project you’re taking on.  If you need some more design ideas or inspiration, you can always visit or showroom or check out our Pinterest boards!